Knex Assault Rifle - the KRMA3-A2

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Now THIS is a knex assault rifle. All those daft, annoying niggles have been fixed! Lets have a look at those pro's and con's then!
Pro's - Upgraded magazine can hold 16 rods
         - Upgraded pin guide and stock allows for more bands to added to the gun, increasing the range
         - Longer, taller, more comfortable stock
         - Much better sights
Con's - Needs that broken red connector
Look at that!, I've eliminated a con! I'm proud of myself.

I'm actually starting to think of this a sort of a blueprint rifle but thats just my opinion.
Link to the A1:




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    The exact definition is of 'nerd' is:

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    I'm sorry but you can't be proud of no social interactions or be unattractive.
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