Knex Assault Pistol




Introduction: Knex Assault Pistol

It's a remake to the Diablo Assualt Pistol. Enjoy



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    23 Discussions

    I made this just from the pictures so awesome. I made a few modifications. Other then that it was perfect. thank u 5 stars :D

    slap a trigger guard and a stock on it and BAM you got a mediocre smg

    correction its assault,
    (no my grammar is not that good but i just saw it....)
    and i believe theres no such thing as an "assault pistol"
    i dont try to be bitchy, i just dont like it when ppl call something assault pistol ^-^'
    otherwise, i like it.
    you should make an instructable on how to build it, i think alot of ppl would like it:D

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