Knex Assult Rifle - KRMA1

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My first proper Knex gun.
-11 shot magazine (holds blue rods)
-Sturdy stock
-comfortable grip
-Accurate sights
-Bolt action
-True trigger
-... actually I cant think of any major downsides
Thanks to viccie for the base.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It's funny how everyone is going bonkers about how he should credit me. I appreciate it, but don't hate on him for using a superior gun and making it even better :P I like it, I hardly recognize my El Diablo at first glance, good work mate!

    2 replies

    Just notice another advantage - the slit through the middle of the stock acts as a means of stopping the ram rod from breaking. This gun is easily twice as powerful as the El Diablo.

    DJ Radio

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Viccie should get credit for the base gun. You basically made his el diablo and built an entire AR around it.

    11 replies

    I saw the el diablo on youtube, built that, built another one, built the magazine and the trigger, extended the barrell by 3 connectors connected the barrell to the handle and built the stock. I then connected the handle to the magazine, added the scope and put a grip under the end of the barrell. But yeah if you took all of that away you would have the el diablo.

    Really depends on point of view. My point of view is that this is the El diablo with a bunch of extra stuff chucked on it, and no modification that makes it perform better is present. Other people might see all that extra stuff as an extreme mod though.

    TheFoofinatorDJ Radio

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    At least he actually researched knex guns before posting a block trigger pistol like most noobs do, this is pretty good (even if it is a mod)