Knex Assault Rifle

Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle

This is my knex gun I built a while ago and i thought it worked pretty well so here it is!
Decent range (40-50 ft)
Mag lock
Nice bolt

Mag is a bit weird

(I actually tried to make an MSR at first but after I made the stock I thought it would be a bit hard to carry on)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    it obviously took an effort, but please, in the future post these guns in forums. i say this because this is a classic pin gun, and it introduces nothing new that we haven't already seen. it looks like a good simple repeater that could be good for battle, but we have enough of those here on the site and definitely don't need any more. if you insist and you really want to post it, please do so in a forum topic.