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Introduction: K'nex BAL-27 Concept

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Firstly I want all of you to know that this isn't meant to be a replica, because I know it doesn't look like a BAL-27.

What the gun is, is a mix of the BAL-27 from the newest game in the call of duty franchise, Advanced Warfare, and my imagination. Lucas the Boss, and Red book of Westmarch, have already made guns from the game, but I had been suprised to see that no-one had attempted the BAL-27, so I decided to myself. However I struggled getting the shape, so kept the stock from my failed first attempt, and made my own front bit, with keeping in mind some of the shapes of the original gun.

I also wanted to say the trigger is an adapted one from the Red book of Westmarch. I modded it to fit in the barrel and the shape of the gun. I have no internals of the trigger, but almost all of Red's gun have the same trigger. So if you want it, that's where to look!

Step 1:

I am happy with how the shape turned out, it's a kind of BAL-27 MK.2

An interesting thing about the gun is that the firing pin goes quite far into the gun, hence why I need string on the yellow connector connected to the firing pin, it is actually a really good thing because it means I can rest my cheek on the stock with the firing pin pulled back. The string is also a much easier way to pull the firing pin back, as your fingers don't slip.

Step 2:


.Looks great (IMO)

.Good range 50 ft

. Very accurate


.Stock looks like the BAL-27


.No magazine, but it wouldn't take much to add a horizontal mag

.If the string gets caught , it rips =(

.Weak trigger guard

Step 3: My Last Project

This gun was not posted it was going to be the LRPG 15, which means, Long Range Pin Gun 2015, or the NYG 15, New Years Gun 2015. I might build a MK.2 if anyone likes it, but it was rushed then I neglected the project. So it was kind of a catastrophic failure.




.Awful trigger

.Awful barrel

.Weak grip

.Not actually very long range, 30-40 ft?

.Blew up the badly built internals, (final picture.)



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    This looks great! i have played cod advanced warfare for a long time, about since it came out and this looks very close to the bal-27, great job

    Sorry for a late comment but just wanted to say that I love how the Bal turned out... I got to try a design like that sometime.

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    Thanks, dont be sorry for a late comment I check the "discussions" on my page. So even if its from a year ago ill answer.

    If you did attempt it my challenge to you would be a horizontal mag and low level rail on the top, like the real gun.

    lol, replicas arn't my thing. I save those to the professionals. As to the mechanism though, I will add that to my list of mechanisms to build. Still that guns body though....

    Sounds about right, except then you have to make it look good!

    Lol I try. My best ideas have been ones that I thought people would think I'm nuts for posting. Example A, Buzzsaw. So if I like it, and it looks edgy to the point of possible insanity I know i did something right.

    I like the looks of your guns, but if you think there so bad, how about me and you do a joint effort, collaboration, you don't have to but it would be interesting and I'd really like to do that with somebody I've looked up to when it comes to K'nex, I wonder what it would be?

    One other thing I forgot to cover;
    I do like how my guns look, but there so abstract in appearance ussually that I think others would think the appearance is "strange" and "untraditional", which is the appearance I'm always aiming at. lol. I'm a sci-fi enthusiast as you can tell.

    Sorry for late response, been balancing a new hobby with this one and I keep spending too much time on the new one (yet to be revealed).
    Anyway a collaboration would be cool, I don't have any new projects in mind right now so if you had some ideas/mechanisms you'd like to make/try send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    I've decided that this spring break would be a good time to start on my build list, which has gotten out of control lol.

    Wow you must be the first to like this gun, I had nothing against myself, it had great power and decent looks, but I guess people like the real bal more.

    Don't take my opinion as a reference though, my knowledge of knex guns is limited. I'm more into those big ugly things with too many paths and a lot of unecessary stuff ;)

    It is definitly a good start, and I can't wait to see where you go with this. I've though about building one myself, but just never got around to it. What I'm working on now is a Scorpion Evo III, so we'll see where that goes...

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    Oh... well the 2nd gun was sort of meant to be box like, i liked having it really square.