K'nex BM Element - 2x2 Dropper



About: Finally back, this time with my new Ball Machine, Helios! If you like it, thanks! Otherwise, thanks anyways for knowing what it is!

Intro: K'nex BM Element - 2x2 Dropper

My second BM Element, after the White Wheel Lift. It can perform the functions of a path selector, a dropper, and a pair of maracas - all at the same time!

Step 1: Parts List

The pieces you'll need for the 2x2 dropper are -

2 x Yellow Rods

1 x Orange Connector

2 x Large Wheel

2 x Hubcap Wheel (Large) w/ Tyre

Step 2: Building

Just assemble it as shown in the pictures, it's pretty simple.

Step 3: Done!

If you've made it, and are happy with its performance, post an IMI for support! I'll add those pictures to this step.



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    10 months ago

    Put a rod slightly above the support, and the dropper becomes a Ball Alternator.