Knex Ball and Chain




Introduction: Knex Ball and Chain

This is my Ball And Chain thanks for the idea Cowscankill. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods:16Gray Bendy (or purple or yellow or clear), 8 Yellow size Bendy, 29 White, 20 Blue, 1 Small Black (or Green)

Connectors: 10 Purple combined with blue, 40 Red

Step 2: Construct the Ball.

This is a spiked ball to add to the chain. (there are spikes all on the Purple connectors ends)

Step 3: Construct the Chain

The chain connects to the ball with the Chain links. (make 10 of the Chain links unless you want it longer)

Step 4: The Chain.

This is how the chain should be connected.

Step 5: Make the Handle.

You use this to swing the Ball And Chain add the handle to the bottom chain link.

Step 6: Ball + Chain

When you connect the ball with the chain this is how it should look. (This is the Final Project)



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    Actually there is a real weapon called "chain and ball" wich was used by William wallace. It's not to bad for a knex weapon.

    but thats ruining pieces im gona post my own mace that will be better than yours but i still like yours +rating

    its nice but it will probably not be sturdy enough to hit some one hard with it so i hope to see one that can be strong enough...

    1 reply