Knex Ball Coaster - Looper




Introduction: Knex Ball Coaster - Looper

This is my first instructable, so its not going to be the best, plus i just wanted to get this up quick. I created this ball coaster(I know its small, but I plan on getting more pieces) and i thought I show it to u guys and let my know what you think of it in the comments. Right now i don't have that many pieces to use, I can't make it very big :( If you guys want instructions, let me know in the comments too!! I'll be happy to make instructions for this if you guys want to build this too. Thanks for looking



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    It's just that im on a iPod and i don't know how to upload a video, i did make one tho

    Sorry that those no video


    Thanks! :)

    Very cool! Combining ball machines with roller coasters! Best of both worlds! Good work! Creative! ;)