Knex Ball Element- Flower Waiter





Introduction: Knex Ball Element- Flower Waiter

About: I have a YouTube channel where I do LEGO and K'Nex stuff but my instructables account is going to be pretty much just K'Nex. But still check out my YouTube channel! And I will keep posting new stuff so chec...

Sort of like a little preview of my next ball machine, Nocturnal.



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    btw, you mentioned having trouble with the infinity switch, and I did too. It seems I couldn't quite find the proper tilting angle for it. Tilt it too much, and the little switcher mechanisms stay upright and it doesn't work. Tilt it too little, and the ball gets stuck before it reaches the right trapdoor. How did you get it to work?

    If you look closely, you can see that with lots of small tweaks I got it to work. There is no specific way I did it, I just managed to in the end. Do u want to see the progress of the ball machine I started today?

    Ok, I'll look at your machine and analyze the pics. The infinity switch is so versitile as it can have any number of paths.

    I would be honored to be the first one to see you new machine progress!

    Neither can I :) I did tons of scaffolding yesterday, it doesn't look like much but it took a massive chunk of my k'nex xD

    For your comment about master splinter, idk him personally, he was just my first sub and we chatted about in the first month or so that I was on ibles. He just likes to help me out a bit :D

    Working on another new element called perpendicular fall-through that I'll probs do instructions for though...

    Okay that sounds great too! But there's not much point showcasing a element without putting instructions

    Building something by just looking at pictures without proper instructions is easier that you might think. I have a fond memory of building the alternate model to the loopin lightning coaster without instructions because I didn't have a printer to get the instructions online at the time. I just used the picture on the back of the box. It was a very rewarding experience. knexpert#10829476 has been known to recreate entire ball machines by just looking at pictures. However, instructions are very convinient, I have used them for shredder lift and other stuff.