Knex Ball Machine Apocalypse




Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Apocalypse

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Here it finally is, my new knex ball machine Apocalypse!
Construction time was about half a year, it has 4 networks with 16 paths.
For a full image gallery please visit my website!
Thank you to the community for inspiring me on tons of things in this ball machine - wouldn't have manged to make it without you guys!

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    54 Discussions

    With a mechanism thingy that took me like 3-4 months to build with several non-working designs :P

    Somehow similar like how a gearing is working in a car, only automatically triggered ;)

    SICK! wow awesome ball machine. I'm still amazed by the height of that monster. Nice job sir

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    These machines keep getting bigger and bigger and more and more complex. One day, one of them will collapse under the weight of its own awesomeness and create a k'nex singularity.

    That day cannot be far off . . .

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    This is another incredible ball machine from Sorunome! I loved the whole thing, but was especially impressed by the elements at 5:12, 6:10, 7:01, and 9:00. Great job! ;-D

    By the way, that's a lot of Rubik's cubes at 3:30! o.o

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    About 20% cooler then all the other BM's out there.