Knex Ball Machine: Downhill

About: Hey! I'm Sandroknexmaster. I like building with knex, especially ball machines. I live in Belgium. I speak Dutch, but also English and French. I hope you like my stuff, and like always comment, rate &...

Hi everyone

This is my first Knex ball machine, named Downhill.
Some information:

Build time: 30 oct 2011 - 20 dec 2011
Number of networks: 2
Number of paths: 8
Number of lifts: 7

Enjoy the video!


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    sweet! how do you build these? do you just build the elements and put them together so they look cool and work.

    1 reply

    Yeah, but it's easier to start with the lifts. They take the most space, if you start with the smaller elements it would be more difficult to add the lifts.

    trouwens je nieuwe video is geblokkeerd door youtube :(
    de muziek is beschermd, mega irritant. ik weet niet wat je er aan kan doen.
    ik had het zelfde probleem bij flashback, die heb ik opnieuw geuploaded met andere muziek.

    Coz of background music.
    But you can send me the email (zipped) if you want at mail(at)sorunome(dot)de :)
    I would be glad if you did so :)