Knex Ball Machine Element - the White Wheel Lift




Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Element - the White Wheel Lift

About: Finally back, this time with my new Ball Machine, Helios! If you like it, thanks! Otherwise, thanks anyways for knowing what it is!

This is an element for ball machines, it's pretty easy to make. Just keep in mind that I use mainly classic knex.

Step 1: Parts List

White - 32

Gray 2 slot - 8
Green - 16
White - 2

Step 2: Let's Build!



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    15 Discussions

    Nice and easy element, but I don't see how you would use this as a lift.

    how do I create an exit track for this lift?

    1 reply

    Put a standard track piece just below the second-to-bottom arm, so that it almost is at a diagonal. The ball should fall directly onto the track, and then wherever you want.

    By the way, all knex Christmas fans, you can press this, spin it at d same time and voila! a snowflake!