K'nex Ball Machine Element - Tiny Tilter

About: Hey, my name's Boris and I build K'nex Ball Machines. I am always trying to come up with new ideas, and trying to improve myself. Please check out my YouTube :)

Hello everyone!

This is my first instructable, featuring a new element called: 'Tiny Tilter'. The ball rolls onto a track wich simply tilts at the end. It's very simple, doesn't use too much pieces and is kinda fun to watch. so let's get started!

Have fun building!

- Boris

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Step 1: Base and Supports

Half of the work, the supports, base and exit track.

Step 2: Tilter

The most exciting part.

Step 3: Connecting Everything

Otherwise it won"t work.

Step 4: Done!

It's done now! I hope you found this useful. Please leave a comment about what you think of this instruction.

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    4 Discussions

    The Knex Inventor

    3 years ago

    Nice element and first instructable! Favorited and Subscribed. :-)


    3 years ago

    Nice! :D


    3 years ago

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!