K'nex Ball Machine Element: the Bounce Fall, INSTRUCTIONS!!!

Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Element: the Bounce Fall, INSTRUCTIONS!!!

About: I LOVE doing K'nex and will do K'nex forever! HAPPY 2018! It's now April! If you have any knex ball machine elements you want me to make instructions for or use in a ball machine, then just tell me by commen...

Hi, and KneXFAN200 is bacck and has a ball machine element for you to make. Please tell me if you like it! Like, comment, and subscribe. In the comments below, please give me some more ideas. FYI, this only works with golf balls.

Step 1: Piece Count...

You can't start without a piece count!!! Also, this should be correct; but if not, then please tell me!!! So, here it is:


Blue 3d, 32

Purple/Grey 3d, 12

Yellow 5 slot, 2

Red 3 slot, 9

White 8 slot, 4

Orange 2 slot ladder, 5

Green 4 slot, 2

Grey/purple 1 slot, 1


Grey, 18

Red, 20

Yellow, 10 (4 of those are optional for the stand. It's probably not needed if being put on a ball machine, but would be good to put on just to test)

Blue, 10

White, 8

Green, 2


Sliver spacer, 12

Blue spacer, 8

Now that you have your pieces, LETS GET BUILDING!!!

Step 2: Ball Paths...

This is for the part that the ball goes on. Please, just follow the pictures!!!!

Step 3: Tower...

Here is the part for the tower. Follow the pictures.

Step 4: Support...

This part is for the support. Follow the pics.

Step 5: Putting It All Together...

Follow the pics.

Step 6: Make Sure the Yellow Rods Stay Outside the Grey Rods.

Step 7: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! YOU'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure to like comment and subscribe!!!!! :P

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    Please tell me if anything is wrong or needs to be added. Also, please comment, like, and subscribe!!!