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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine: Euphoria

About: Hey! I'm Sandroknexmaster. I like building with knex, especially ball machines. I live in Belgium. I speak Dutch, but also English and French. I hope you like my stuff, and like always comment, rate &...

Hey guys

After a lot of troubles with making the video, I am proud to present you my third knex ball machine, Euphoria.
This is absolutely the best ball machine I ever built untill now.
Euphoria contains 10 paths, 11 lifts and....... 4 networks!
There are some new elements and 2 new lifts.
The first one is the lift in network 2 and the second new lift is the last one in network 4.
Build time: 28/05/2012 till 14/08/2012 (inclusive 2 weeks of vacation)
Height: 1.95m Width: 1.75m Depth: 1.35m
Pieces: 17505

Thanks to all ball machine builders for so much inspiration!

Here are the instructions for the new elements!
Here are the instructions for the new lift in network 2!
Here are the instructions for the new lift in network 4!




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    oooohhhhhhh mmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy ggggoooooossssshhhhhh!

    137 subbers??????!!!!!! 2 more and you would have as many dubbers as I have comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You said "a lot of trouble making the video". I understand. whenever you get a video, it never seems to work quite right!! :)

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