Knex Ball Machine Icarus





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Icarus

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Who doesn't like ball machines which are more like coasters and which claim height?

After about two months of construction I finally finished building Icarus, my tallest ball machine to date!

Featuring a 7.35 meters ball drop and a 2.15 meters looping it is the largest of its kind!

Be sure to check out my website for more images and information on this machine!

Awesome things don't make themselves, maybe buy me a beer?

Thanks to Oninoni for helping me construct the main tower and the looping!
Thanks to Sandroknexmaster for helping me to build the track around the roses (that track is so long....)
Thanks to Koolcoasterkid for making the awesome background music!

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    Wow, this is mind-blowing! One of my favorites for sure. Geez, you must have TONS of K'NEX pieces!

    AMAZING! I'm so used to seeing compact machines and this large spaced out one seems great! :-) Your ball machines are great :-)

    2 replies