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Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Impossible Preview

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Hello! Welcome to the preview for our k'nex ball machine Impossible! These are just some cool pictures of the machine. When it is completed, you will be able to see better pictures. All the better to make it more suspensing!

So far we have been working on this machine since October and have completed all of the thirteen paths. Keep checking our page to see when we release the official instructable! The original point of this instructable was to enter into the contest, so thank you to everyone who voted even though it didn't win.

Thank you so much for viewing! Be sure to subscribe, comment, and enjoy!

Interesting info:


depth: 3 feet (≈1 meter)

Length: 3 feet (≈1 meter)

Width: 3 feet (≈1 meter)

Height:7 feet 7 inches (≈2 meters)

Lifts: 7 (3 new)

Motors: 3 (2 for all the lifts and 1 for a special new element)

New elements on machine (so far): twenty something...



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    Hi William, I was looking at your youtube channel, this machine is really cool. Why was this machine split in half temporarily?

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    Thanks. By the way, this instructables page is shared by me and my brother. :) The machine fell apart in a few places because of support issues, so we split it in half and put it back together with more support. In the process, it became a lot better than it was before it broke. ;)

    Cool I wish my machines were big enough to even have support issues!

    Could you possibly tell me more about the contests? eg how often they do them how to enter

    well, they started it in 2013 in July through August (here's the link). Then they kept doing the same contest in 2014 (here's the link). Then they did it in 2015, but they did it at a weird time last year. They did it in March, so we weren't able to add our finished ball machine into it (we would have if they had kept it at the original time, we would have. Here's the link) I sure hope they do the contest this year, because we have a few projects waiting in line, so I will be upset if they don't.

    I hope this helps you! Look forward to seeing new instructables from you!

    Oh, here's a link to the upcoming contests! (it hasn't been updated in a while.)


    Thanks! I really really hope they keep doing the contests too!


    the element at 6:26 in the vid, is very great so, i will try to do instructions ...

    i just want to be sure that this is okay with you.

    did you see my ball machine yet ?

    4 replies

    We will be coming out with instructions soon. In fact, they are done but just waiting for the contest this year. But if you want to you can try to recreate it and make instructions. Just remember to give us credit, ok?

    great i finish it now, i just need to post instruction and when you say that you are going to make instruction, it is elements of this machine ??

    if you still want to try to make instructions, feel free to.

    just the elements. :) That's great that you managed to rebuild it!

    Ty for following me!!! I'll add it to my profile :D great ball machine BTW!

    7 replies

    yw dude you deserve it with your great creations :D im not sure if I told you but I'll be releasing lots of content in about a month hopefully :D