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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Radon

About: Hi, I'm KneXtreme. I'm a Christian and I'm home schooled. I love to build with almost anything especially knex. I also do Taekwondo and collect coins. Just so you know, I don't hang around youtube ...

I built this ball machine back in early spring, but decided not to post it until the K'nex contest opened up. It's a smaller ball machine due to the fact that I still had my K'nex TV stand up. Still, It's got; 1 network, 4 lifts, a motorized ball distributer, and 8 tracks with some awesome new elements that will be posted on my guide.

This instructable is not instructions on how to build the ball machine. I made it that way because it would be easier to show.

If you like my ball machine, please vote for it in the K'nex contest. Enjoy the video! The song is Emergency by Jeremy James Whitaker.

Step 1: Track 1

This is a pretty simple track. Just some tubes and panel levels.

Step 2: Track 2

This track has some cool looking panel stairs and a 2 part ball arm.

Step 3: Track 3

Yay! A roller coaster track that ends in an awesome spiral bowl.

Step 4: Track 4

A new type of panel ferris wheel, a small, horizontal ball arm, and some simple stairs made out of bumpers from the knex pinball table.

Step 5: Track 5

This is my favorite. It's a big reversing spiral tower.

Step 6: Track 6

I call it, The Roller Coaster Stairs Track. A track made almost entirely out of elements made from k'nex roller coaster pieces.

Step 7: Track 7

The fast panel drop. A track witch takes less than 5 seconds to complete.

Step 8: Track 8

And last but not least. Track 8, the longest track of them all.

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    Thank you. Congratulations too you and your brother for winning second prize!

    Thanks. I didn't expect to win with my ball machine. I thought it would be my lamp.

    I prefer the thicker tubing because it requires less connectors to keep it in place. The thin tubing is nice though for spiral bowls and tight turns.

    Thank you, I have found that We like the roller coaster tubing the best. In particular the 'screamin serpant' set tubing. Your answer was and is greatly appreciated!

    Great ball machine! I like the path selector-thingy. A quick question: where do you get all those panels? Are they just from years of collecting, or do you buy them from somewhere specific?

    1 reply

    Thanks! Mostly years of collecting. I got a lot of the smaller ones off of ebay in knex lots that I bought. The bigger red and yellow panels I got in a knex tub a few years back. For a little bit the K'nex company used to make a knex tub with a bag of bonus pieces inside. All mine happen to be panels. Yay!

    For a smaller ball machine, this thing packs a punch. In the overview part of the video you can tell it is a smooth performer. Great job, voted! :-D

    P.S: I think you will forever be the "Panel King"! ;-)

    1 reply

    Thanks. Yah, it is pretty smooth. Sometimes though the balls get stuck on that little dip in the last track.

    Maybe that should be the name for my last ball machine "Panel King!"

    Awesome ball machine, I like how you used the score thingies of the electronic arcade :)

    1 reply