Knex Ball Maze- UPDATED!




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Knex Ball Maze- UPDATED!

Since you last saw this, I have gotten rid of the central pillar undernath that it tilted on, and replaced it for a 3 layer pivot.

On the 3 layer pivot, there is a base (the first layer), which hasn 2 support beams, one on each side. Between those 2 support beams runs an axle, in which sits another layer (the second layer). Then on top of the 2nd layer, has another 2 short support beams, with an axle running between, and again, on which sits the third layer (the maze itself)

The maze stills features its paths back to the collection bin when they decend down the holes, aswell as the 3 layer pivot.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's good, but if I were to build it, I'd rather build the first version since it uses a lot less parts. I bet that you could make a smaller pivot mechanism.