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This is my final ball machine for the rest of the year since I have to go back to college. I wanted to end my ball machine spree with something huge and this is what came out, a 6' 10" high tower with five paths and a new element made by me. That element is on path one. This project took a lot of my knex to the point where I ran out of green rids!, I had to start using the black ones. Anyway, I hope you enjoy building this beast. This ball machine has the most pieces out of all of my ible's, 8,600!

Step 1: Piece Count


grey: 17
yellow: 765
blue: 1416
white: 577
green: 1320


white: 203
blue 3d: 286
purple 3d: 723
yellow: 692
green: 68
red: 495
light-grey: 13


gold track connector: 326
gold track rod(length of red rod): 14
silver spacer: 227
blue spacer: 179
tan-clip: 28
blue-clip: 17
Y-clip: 87
ball-socket  connector: 2
black rod: 5
tan rod: 2
purple flexi rod: 26
orange flexi rod: 14
chain links: 170
track spice: 9
red gear: 15
yellow gear:1
Large yellow gear: 1
blue gear: 5
large tire: 1
medium tire: 2
medium tire no tread: 5
medium tire tread: 2
small tire: 7
large new tire: 3
motor: 1
Balls: 5-10


Step 2: The Base

Where all ball machines start from.

Step 3: White Floor, Return Track, Lift Wheel and Motor

Why do I like wheel lifts? I have no idea!

Step 4: Main Support and Lift

The tallest section on the machine.

Step 5: Other Supports

They're important aren't they?

Step 6: Path Selectors

There are four of them to make five paths.

Step 7: Path 1

This path contains my new hopper car element. This also uses Sandroknexmaster's leap-frog element. This step also has exactly 100 pictures!

Step 8: Path 2

I like to call this path " the fast track to success" since it is a roller coaster path.

Step 9: Path 3

A very erratic path.

Step 10: Path 4

A nice slow path around the front support tower followed by thirteen ball alternators.

Step 11: Path 5

This path was hard to design in terms of space. I had to make it hop over a section of path 4 and weave around path three and two.

Step 12: Modifications

These are some mods I made while I was recording the machine.

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1 year ago

wanna see a pic of it now I moved and it didnt really survive lol since I made it in my basement. It's missing huge chunks cause I have also been taking parts from it for echo.


2 years ago

starting on this project today!


4 years ago on Introduction

Hi, I'm having a go at building this but having a few issues with the new cart element. Can't seem to get the weight right to make the cart move either up when empty or down when it has balls in it.

Any suggestions?

1 reply

4 years ago on Introduction

step 3 pic 14: i see what you did there :P

very nice machine though.


4 years ago

*Jaw drops* You made... Instructions?!


5 years ago

Very good!
My only comment is that maybe you should record the lift(s) at the beginning of
the video. You could look at my ball machine video.
Just click on my profile and look for "automated a k'nex
ball machine".
Otherwise, very good!
I love the white mat/floor/whateveryoucallit

4 replies

Oh my god, thank you for reminding me because if I did test the lift out, I would find that I made the chain claws wrong! I never put the part on that pushes the ball off the claw! Thank you so much for pointing this out even though you didn't point it out:D

knex akbar

4 years ago on Introduction

I ran out of all my yellow rods, blue rods green rods and yellow connectors on the last step... Grrrr


4 years ago on Introduction

hi im josh! im 11 and I nearly finished this! I (my dad) orded some knex and it got lost in the mail so I never finished this project! I just want to let you know if you are 11 or over you can with ease start this project! I also had some problems with the new cart element but I fixed it, anyway great intractable and keep up the good work!