Knex Ball/Frisbee

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 This is a convertable knex ball or frisbee I made.

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Step 1: Parts List

Completely unnecessary, but oh well.
Gray rod size, flexi: 8
White rod: 1

Dark Grey:2 

Blue spacer: 1

Step 2: Putting It Together

 Again, not necessary, but if you're mentally retarded...

Step 3: Finished!

 Now throw it at something. 

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    13 Discussions

     Wow. I made the same thing like 8 years ago.

    If i was on the site then, it wasn't worth posting.


    Good work on the ible, but bad project.

    6 replies

    OHHHHHHHHHh. You are so mean! C'mon, who wouldn't spend 5 minutes building K'Nex so that they can save like $20?

    That makes no sense...? Where does saving come into this? I'm not mean, just fed up of all the sh** that keeps getting posted. About 2 years ago people only posted decent guns worth building, now it's block trigger, block trigger, useless model, etc.