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Introduction: Knex Barrett 50 Cal

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This is my new k'nex Barrett 50 cal.
50 foot range with two rubber bands
True trigger
Looks awesome
Comfy handle
Removable mag
Stock is a little flimsy because I had to rig because I ran out of small green/black rods
Bipod sucks

This took me forever so tell me what you think and some suggestions to make it better.
Depending on how many people like it depends on if I post instructions.
Thanks for making this my first gun to reach 1,000 views!



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    There is a updated version of this, it is much better and
    You will like it.

    Cool gun ur the one who commented on my desert eagle.

    Ok I will try to make a thinner barrel and use the left over green/black rods to make the mag longer. I would have had a longer mag if I wouldn't have ran out of green/black rods though.

    This is a good attempt, but I unfortunatly agree with Dr. R. The barret 50cal is my favorite sniper rifle in game so you definitely have good taste when it comes to that.
    Overall I'll be happy to build this after my current project, so maybe some instructions/internals?