Knex Basic Exploding Grenade

Introduction: Knex Basic Exploding Grenade

Hello and welcome to Jadow's first instructable, I posted this because I could not find a single decent grenade guide. I was hopping to see a modded version of this, but I just found really bad starts. Oh well, please enjoy, and careful for exploding parts. :)

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Step 1: Gather Materials...


1 Green/Red (pic. 1)

8 White/Grey (pic. 2)


4 White/Black (pic. 3)

17 Red/Dark Grey (pic. 4)

9 Orange/Dark Brown (pic. 5)


2 Blue Spacers

1 Rubber Band (more if small rubber bands)

Step 2: Put the Exploding Part Together...

First you make eight red triangle slotted loosely into an orange.

Then you slot the whole orange and red "bar" onto a white on each end.

(See above picture for help)

Step 3: Create Base...

The base in a grenade squeezes the grenade without disrupting any of the frags, to make it put white rods on two white circle connectors with two blue spacers in between. (Above^^^)

Step 4: Finally, Put Whole Thing Together...

Finally put a green rod with a orange rod attached to the bottom through first the base, then the exploding part, and the cap it off with any color piece. Wrap rubber band from one side of the base, around the top of the exploding part, and back to the other side of the base. (You can also just attach the rubber band to the base and the connector at the top if your rubber band does no reach.)

In theory you can make the grenade as big as you want, just add a bigger middle rod, you can also use other pieces other than the red triangles, I sometimes use green connectors to make it look cooler. :) Hope this helps, leave any questions or comments at the end. Thanks, hopefully more instructions soon. :)

PS. If anyone can make something that launches these, that would be awesome!!!

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    Your welcome, any ideas and I would be glad to make.