Knex Basket/Funnel

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I Decided to post a basket as they are very useful in ball machines

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Step 1: Piece List

red = 20
orange = 8
yellow = 16
white = 4

red = 4
yellow = 8
blue = 4
green = 28
white = 8

medium panels = 4
y connectors= 4

Step 2: The Frame

In this step you will make the part that catches the ball

Step 3: The 'Chute'

This part will centre the ball

Step 4: Congrats Your Done!!

Hope you enjoy 

I found out that on the top corner red connectors add a white rod to make sure it does not get stuck

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Call it a Knex Ball Machine Basket/funnel please. I clicked it for the wrong reason because of it, thinking it was basket as in container.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    cool it would've come in handy for my ferris wheel (I had a problem with balls falling off) it would have most likely fixed the problem I might even use it now but the ferris wheel is on a 13 foot tower and i can't reach it heres a link to the video and thats a photo of it a month ago it's a lot different now (maybe even 2 months) but now it's finished