Knex Batarang





Introduction: Knex Batarang

this is an instructable on how to make a knex batarang the easy version takes approximately 1:07 and the advanced 6:36.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Easy Advanced

9 Grey Connectors 27 Grey Connectors
1 Red Connector 3 Red Connectors
2 White/ Grey Rods 12 Grey/ White Rods
10 Green/ Black Rods 30 Green/ Black Rods

Time 1:07 Time 6:36

Step 2: Easy Version Part 1

Make The Picture Below Its Pretty Easy.

Sorry For The Blur

Step 3: Easy Batarang Part 2

Fold In Half
Bring Bottom Behind Red Connector

Step 4: Finshed and Throwing

Enjoy throwing
If you throw harder and straight it will go further sometimes it may even spin.

Step 5: Advanced Version

Make Three Singular Batarangs

Image 1: Singular batarang
Image 2: Three Singular Batarangs

Sorry For Blur On First Image

Step 6: Advanced Part 2

Make the Pictures Below Sometimes Difficult To Connect.

White rods two to the left
Two In the middle red and purple
two far right

Can't get the yellow boxes up.

Step 7: Advanced Step 3 the Final Step

Now Enjoy throwing your batarang be warned these are quite heavy and can hurt a lot the distance depends on how far you throw them.

Step 8: Important Information

Please note that they can spin on the bottom purple connector and can hang on almost anything that has a hole in it.

Please comment rate thanks for taking your time for this instructable.



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    20 Discussions

    I made the advanced version stronger and lighter

    you did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and the blue background looks cool

    thats actually kinda sad... im guna post 1. guna be named batarang awsome look it up or subscribe 2 me 2 c it.

    i like it...if u dont got much knex,but u wana shoot some,then is this the perfect batarang!8.5

    it looks even better with a red clip not a purple ting good other wise! +1 :)

    Cute... On something as small as this batarang, you did a very nice job at making it look like the bat symbol.

    is it still in the bike contest or has it been removed?

    hey yeah cool n all ......are u meant to hang it from ur bike or sumthin coz its in the bike contest??

    good idea , i dont have any knex only LEGO !! p.s why is it in th bike contest??

    Nice! I really like it. Nice to have something new to save us from the flow of block triggers.

    o i just noticed something, you should remove this from the bike month contest.

    nice, thats really close to the real thing, thought he wings need a little more something something.