Knex Battle Ax




Introduction: Knex Battle Ax

About: I like trains. That is all.

This is my very sturdy ax .

Step 1: The Handle

You will need: 12 red rods and 4 snowflake connectors.

Step 2: The Blade

You will need: 10 green flexible rods, 6 blue rods, 1 grey rod, 6 yellow connectors, 4 orange connectors, 4 red connectors, and 6 light grey connectors.

Step 3: The Blade Cont.

Follow the pictures

Step 4: Attaching

You will need everything you have already made. The parts they connect the blade to the handle may be a little bit bent.

Step 5: Add Ons

The chains for the second add in are 9 units long and you need 9 of them



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    7 Discussions

    very cool! thanks for following btw

    but the blade always falls off