Knex Battle Car: Armoured SUV

About: My main field of work is knex. I work to innovate and create things people just haven't thought to make. My secondary field of work is aquariums.

Hey, this is the second in my series of Knex Battle Cars. This is the Armoured SUV, one of the strongest Knex battle cars in the series. It is equipped with a spike system in the front (Cannot be seen in Photo) that can be used as a weapon and as a shield by folding them up. As well as spikes in the back that are meant as a weapon but can also defend the SUV from being hit in the back due to the length. Also the tire`s axles are extended so that also acts as spikes. The SUV is equipped with a roll cage like armouring that works well at supporting the top. The frame and body are designed to be the strongest they can be which makes this one of the strongest in the series. That is all! 




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