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Introduction: Knex Battlebot - the Destroyer

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This is a Knex battlebot that is around 1.5ft long and 1ft high.
It is powered by the large silver motor (Terrain Trekker I Think).
The motor powers both the wheels and the blade on the front. On the wheel axis is a small pulley that has a rubber band on that links up to another pulley on the blade axis. Making it power both.

The batteries in my motor are very old so the motor isnt at it's strongest (shown in the video)
Also, there are 5 red cogs at the ack as a counterweight. Without them, the blade becomestoo heavy and it tips over.

The video of it working is here:

Tell me in a comment if you want me to post.



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    this one is programmable, AND it has a buzz saw. the programmable bit of the car is not mine and the saw is a kind of improvised version of yours. here is the link to the programable bit.

    Photo on 2010-07-04 at 13.37.jpgPhoto on 2010-07-04 at 13.36.jpg
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    how do u get the motor to spin so fast?????????????????????????????????????

     u certainly need to post this this is the coolest thing i have ever seen but with the stronger blades plz

    Look below, i have shown some pictures to Dj Radio o what the blades are like now. They are much stronger.

    The only thing I see wrong is that the arms can snap off. You could make it stronger, since 2 blue rods+1 white, orange, or yellow connector= red rod.

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    Hmm, I know. Combine this with the programmable automation, and you've got yourself a contest winner.

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