K'nex Belt-Fed Rifle

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Well, as the title states, this is a K'nex Belt Fed Rifle. I'm pretty sure that this is the first of its kind to not require a motor, and isn't just a bunch of block triggers. I took a piece of turret, made it a tad bigger, then made more and connected them together to make a flexible, yet sturdy belt. The rest of the rifle is pretty much like any other rifle out there. It has a ram that you pull back, a barrel, and a trigger. The gun has to be wound up like a turret gun, but that's really the only way I could think of doing it. Right now, the most shots I have been able to shoot out with a #64 rubber band on the wind-up is 12. Not bad, in my opinion. Also this rifle uses the same belt as my Semi-Auto Rifle. That's all said, so here are some Pro's and Con's.



Good Range (40-45ft)

Comfy, Sturdy Handle

Can hold a good amount of shots

Has Iron Sights

Easy to Wind up and Reload

Looks Awesome



Sometimes jams, because of the fact that the belt isn't actually connected to the gun itself.

If you don't hold the belt on the last shot, the belt falls and could break.

Trigger is a little sticky.


I hope you like it, and please leave your comments below.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you post instructions? I think this is a great rifle! ( If ) When I build it I probably will heavily mod it..... if you want I can post pics when I mod it.


    Thanks, Devan

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah sure I can post instructions this week, and I would love it if you posted your mods! Thanks for the feedback!

    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    I like it honestly I like this better than your semi auto mainly because it was really bulky and ugly. I prefer my guns to have a slick look. Great job ( instructions will be out in a few days for my crossbow)

    6 replies

    Thanks! This was actually built before the Semi-Auto Gun, and I like this one better too. The only reason the Semi-Auto was so big and bulky is because it needed two chambers for the trigger and the slide. Hopefully someone eventually mods it up. In my opinion, (not to brag), but I think my Semi-Auto is a really good system, and that if someone mods it more, it could turn into one of the most usable Semi-Auto systems around, just because it utilizes a ram-rod. Therefore, it could be a turret gun, a mag-fed gun, belt-fed, really anything. Other Semi-Auto's are usually hammer action, which restricts them to mostly turrets and belts. This is just my opinion, but yeah, that's why it was so bulky. Thanks for your comment, and I'll be sure to check out/build your Center Fire!

    Sorry I haven't looked at it lately, you should put in the title there are internals. I am looking forward to build the mech just to understand it!