Knex Big Crossbow





Introduction: Knex Big Crossbow

this is the 2nd biggest crossbow on this sit so far!

Step 1: Trigger

This is the trigger.

Step 2: Side Panels

These are the side panel things...

Step 3: Add Side Panels

Add the side panels to trigger

Step 4: Make/Attach Ammo Holders and Handle

Make and attach.(it a little blurry we have a bad camera)

Step 5: The Bow

Make bow.

Step 6: Attach Bow to Body

attach to side panels.

Step 7: Rubber Bands

The rubber bands.(and also put rubber bands from the pegs on the trigger to the part where your other hand goes, the pegs on that.)

Step 8: Loading and Firing

To load pull back ONE FLAB of the rubber band and load like a normal crossbow.



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    38 Discussions

    It is not the 2nd biggest, but i would be able to tell better if i could see it.

    my mom got better quality camera ill ask her but if i cant its going to be a problem cuz then you can see pics on other camera...

    the auto bows max range it 30-40 feet but i only got 30 and it u use auto feed its hard to use. If i post u can make double barrel by copping the whole thing (the barrel) and make triggers connected wits a red/green rod but it would be hard to figurer out for the safety and other things, if it can be made it will be massive!i added a hopper cage (lol) to my gun

    If you want other people to build this you'l have to be more precise,use more steps and go closer with the camera

    2 replies

    ahh, you...don't have to add all the crap on the bow like i did:[) Just reinforce it enough so it won't break!

    i dont understand but great