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Hey guys. This will be my entry for the Back To School contest, so vote for it please =)

Anyway, this is a binder, but with Knex! Ill be honest, its not the most amazing thing ever. It used the 'binding' part out of a real binder, and 2 small zipties to hold it into place. The pivot connections are actually very strong and so is the the overall thing. It can hold the standard amount of paper in it (approx. 200-300 sheets)

I hope you like it, please vote, rate, comment and subscribe! Thanks.

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Step 1: Front Cover

This is the front cover of the binder, very simple. Follow the pictures and steps below.
  1. Make this
  2. Make sure there is a spacer there
  3. Make this
  4. Make sure of the spacers there again
  5. Take them both and line them up like so
  6. Attach them together as shown
  7. What you should have

That was easy, next step!

Step 2: Back Cover

This is the other side of the binder. It is basically just repeating step 1, so use that for guidance. Follow the pictures and steps below.
  1. The piece on the left is the previous step, the one on the right is the same but without the grey connectors and blue spacers (read image notes)
  2. A close-up of the back cover.

SIMPLEZ! Moving on...

Step 3: The Binder Part

In this step I will show you how to get the metal binder thing out of your old binder. Follow the steps.
  1. This is what the binder looks like.
  2. Get some pliers, or your hand, and rip it off.
  3. What you should have now
Again, easy. To infinity and beyond!

Step 4: Attaching the Binder to the Knex Bit

Here is where the binder attaches onto the knex. Follow the pictures and steps.
  1. Ok, sorry about this picture. Forget about the big bit in the top left hand coprner, and forget about the metal binder attached to it. Block all that out, and just build the big long bit.
  2.  Remember to add those grey connectors and blue spacers
  3. Line up the metal binder on the knex bit like so.
  4. Make sure the holes on either side match up like this.
  5. The other side
  6. SLide a ziptie through the hole and through the knex hole.
  7. Pull it through the hole like so
  8. Tie the ziptie
  9. Pull it really tight.
  10. Repeat on the hole on the opposite side.
  11. There is no picture for this, but cut the excess ziptie off with some scissors.
Almost there.

Step 5: Connecting All Together

Here is where we bring it to life. Follow the pictues and steps.
  1. Take these 2 pieces (step 1 and 4)
  2. Attach together like so
  3. Get this piece (step 2)
  4. Line it up like this
  5.  Attach on like so.
  6. Grab 1 side of the binder and fold it over.

You are finished! Congrats.

Step 6: You Are Finished! YAY!

You have finished making the binder.

Hope you like it, its rather useful for carrying your papers and files in, and whats more, its not boring, its colourful and creative!

Thanks for building, please rate, comment, vote and subscribe! THANKS.

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    2 years ago

    Cool! The vidieo doesn't work, but looks good!

    The Crystal RailgunOblivitus

    Reply 2 years ago

    I agree with Oblivitus, but that might break a few pieces like his Z35 when I had fun with attaching/detaching the mags... XD


    3 years ago

    Is there a way to make this 100% out of knex?


    3 years ago

    Cool:) may need this to write all my k'nex ideas!


    4 years ago on Step 6

    Really cool creation


    5 years ago

    Ugh I JUST had to buy seven binders for school.... I shoulda made these. More time consuming but cooler and cheaper


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is cool i want to bring it to school but it might break :(


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is cool, but sorry I was too late to vote =(. And i saw this ages ago and forgot to rate =( but I rated now =D =D