K'nex Black Ops Bowie Knife Instructions

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This is the Bowie Knife from Black Ops. I built it from looking at a picture. It should be simple to build from the pics.

Parts list:

11 yellow connectors

2 blue connectors

2 white connectors

8 green connectors

5 light gray connectors

29 orange connectors

10 dark gray connectors

6 Y connectors

3 orange bendy rods

1 green bendy rod

16 white rods

24 green rods

3 red rods

1 yellow rod

4 tan connectors

15 blue spacers

6 grey spacers

4 hinges

Duct tape is optional.

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Step 1: Blade

Build from pic.

Step 2: Handle


MonkeyMan out!

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    15 Discussions

    Carrot187Dr MonkeyMan

    Reply 4 years ago

    Black ops was ages ago but that doesn't detract from the fact that it is sick!!

    Dr MonkeyMan

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you sir!!! I will add more pics for the handle, but i dont know how to make that one picture bigger. Parts list i can add. Could you give me a measurment of the blade in-game so i can see how small my blade is?

    2 replies

    I'm certain that you have got the measurement right and you should also add the word instructions in the title so other people know this

    Well done Dr MonkeyMan on uploading your first official instructable, it looks great but if I was you, I would add more internal pictures on the handle, redo that first picture on step 2 as it is too small, extend the blade and also it's a good idea to add in a parts list like the ones seen in my instructables.