Knex Blinds Opener




Introduction: Knex Blinds Opener

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This is a knex blinds opener, powered by the red battery pack motor. It is activated by tunring the motor on in one direction to close it, and another direction to open it.

It has a rubberband wrapped around the wheel which gives it the friction to grip onto the blinds cord. WIthout it the wheel spins but the the cord doesnt move.

Tell me what you think, and please rate too. Also, if you think i should post, tell me in a comment.

Thanks, hiyadudez.



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    26 Discussions

    (1) cool! (2) 5* (3) POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thatsace, i have the same style blinds so i could do this, or remake summat similar (:

    I like the idea, but it doesn't matter for a blind one if the curtains or something are open or closed.

    Post. I reckon you should put some extra weight in it... with a heavy blind that could lift? Nice job.

    Good one! One question though, does it have an automatic cutoff/shutoff, because my blinds close both ways? BTW wish you could control the motor with a remote so you can be even lazier and do it from the couch :D