K'nex Bolt-Action Mechanism

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Hey everyone,
This is my K'nex bolt-action mechanism. What it does, is this:

1.Pull the bolt out, and a bullet will drop into place from the magazine*1.
2.Push the bolt in, which pushes the bullet out of the mechanism, into the barrel*2.
3.Then you pull the trigger*3, causing the bullet to go out of the barrel (well, that's kind of common sense!)
*1.The magazine is not yet built, but if you tell me to post, ill just finish all of the gun. The magazine is hopefully going to be removable, and it's going to snap onto the two yellow rods above where the bullet is (it's kind of obvious where the bullet sits in place before it gets bolted into the barrel, hopefully you'll figure it out), so the magazine will be on top of the gun, making it so the bullets are pushed by gravity, so there doesn't have to have a magazine ram (I think that's oodamo or something?).
*2.The barrel isn't built yet either, and I don't have a solid idea of what it will be like or look like or anything like that, so yeah, all that i know is that it will have a barrel that the bullet will be bolted into and then fired.
*3.The trigger is not yet built either...I could really use some ideas or suggestions for the trigger, because building triggers is definitely not my specialty. Also, whosoever idea I will take (hopefully there will be some given), I will give credit to the one who suggested it, and the one who built (whatever the case may be, it might be one or two K'nexers)...So yeah, please help me on that part.

Here are the pictures:
Pic 1: Side-ish view of the mech (bolt in)
Pic 2: Top view of the mech (bolt in)
Pic 3: Top view of the mech (bolt out)
Pic 4: View of where the bullets sit in place (btw, those are the two yellow rods the mag snaps on) (bolt in)
Pic 5: View of where the bullets sit in place (bolt out)
Pic 6: Back view of mech (those orange connectors might be the sights, what do you think? Do they need improving?)

So yeah, that's it...should I post it? Is it worth posting? You tell me.

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    25 Discussions

    DJ Radio

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Don't bother with it. This method of bolt action is the oldest bolt action concept around, and it's already been done and finalized in 3 guns, one of which is my own.

    18 replies

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    "Give a nickname to dr richtofen?" no "dr richtofen was send to box 2" "polygon used electricity" "computer crashed" "dr richtofen escaped"

    DJ RadioTheRacker

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Jollex and s0lekill3r did it before me, I improved on their tech by a LOT, which is why mine was so popular.

    Then there's Zak's which has his come from the bottom.

    DJ RadioTheRacker

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Jollex was the first one with a viable bolt action gun, he posted his in 2008. SK also did his in 08. He also attempted a bottom loading bolt action gun before Zak did his.

    Zak's BA came around the same time as mine, I think his might have come a little earlier though. I definitely know they both came around in a narrow time span.