Knex Bookstand

Introduction: Knex Bookstand

This is my knex bookstand.  It obviously holds books.  It can hold very heavy books, because it is well supported.  It can hold the Webster's Third New International Dictionary unabridged version, which is the largest book I could find in my house.  It is also great for reading smaller books, hands free.  You can take out part of a knex rod and put it over the corner of the page to hold it down.  It can be used many ways.  It is a little big, so not for small spaces, but it can be used as a dictionary holder to have somewhere in the house.  It might also be fun just to build.

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Step 1: Random Things You Need to Build

Here are some random things that are mandatory to build.  They seem very wierd but you need them.

Step 2: The Middle Supports

These support the middle of the bookstand.  You should come up with two panels, both mirroring eachother.

Step 3: The Outer Supports

These are the outer supports.  You should come up with two panels, both mirroring eachother.

Step 4: The Book-holder-things

Very fancy name, isn't it?  You should come up with two , both mirroring eachother.  Also make the two small things mirroring eachother.  Then connect them together.

Step 5: Connecting Everything

The first two pics are the supports connected by the red rods; sorry for bad lighting.  The next five pics are from the first step.  Use them to connect the two side supports.  The next two pics show where to put the book-holder-things.  The last three pics show where those things go.  Then you're all done!

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