Knex Bow & Arrow





Introduction: Knex Bow & Arrow

This is my bow and Arrow it shoots about 10-20 feet.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods: 2 Gray, 4 Yellow, 2 White, 8 Blue,

Connectors: 4 Yellow, 4 Green

Other: 2 Rubber Bands.

Step 2: Make the Bow.

Make 2 of these.

Step 3: Add the Rubber Bands

Now Put the blue rods in the following spots an add the Rubber Bands.

Step 4: Combine Both Halves.

Finish The bow by Combining both Halves.

Step 5: The Arrows.

These Are the Arrows I think work the best but you can experiment.



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    22 Discussions

    cool bow... have you ever grabbed the arrow and shot that? it is cool.

    mine keeps bending! Are you supposed to add a bendy or a straight piece to the middle? ps how do you shoot it?

    You put a straight peice, try using long black rods, or if you don't have any and it is still bending trying a weaker rubber band. you shoot it by putting the orange connector in between the rubber band so it is in the space pull back and let go.

    You put the blue rod through the whole in the rubberband then attach it to the yellow connectors.

    10-20 feet, ha sorry but that sucks, my mini bow which ill post later on fires 35-45 feet and its smaller and uses much les pieces, 2 wheels, 2 yellow rods, 4 blue rods, 4 white rods, 4 green conectors 2 red conectors, 1 snow flake. and of course a pretty good elastic band.

    its original but its not really efficient. a guy with a good gun would own some one with a sword... faust: do you have any new stuff in mind?

    Just the machine gun. If you pull it back and push it forward by hand, it works incredibly well!! Just one problem - gears can't support even weak rubber bands :( if somehow they could be strengthened, this thing would work!! A true machine gun!! Maybe I'll post a YouTube vid.

    ill post my semi auto i made b4 the trip, but only when i get back... but since you posted the pinion system before i did, i should ask for permission to post it, right?

    i still had jamming in the mag and the mag is not bottom feed.... maybe i could fin a mag that never jams...