Knex Bow




Step 1:

Get 4 red sticks and 4 double connectors and put them together like this

Step 2:

Now attatch them on both sides of a thin wheel with a white stick threw the middle twice

Step 3:

Now get 4 white sticks, 2 orange double connectors and 2 grey double connectors like that and put them together

Step 4:

Now get 4 green triple connectors and 4 white sticks and put them together

Step 5:

Put all of the stuff together like that

Step 6:

Now add the stuff from the second step on and add rubber bands then you have a knex bow



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    2 Discussions


    I guess it's okay for a first knex post, though there are a couple of things that could be better:
    - The arms. They should be reinforced quite a bit. This way, they'll snap pretty easily, if there is force applied to them.
    - The orange connectors + white rods. That part would be sturdier if you used yellow rods instead, so you don't have to worry about the white rods de-connecting.

    Overall, it's okay, though it could be better.