Knex Bow With Quiver





Introduction: Knex Bow With Quiver

My first instructable ever posted. Gimme feedback

Step 1: The Bow Chunks

The bow White rods should go on every diagonal attachments. Make one chunk with 3 of them and make another with 5 on two sides not next to one another and 3 on the other two sides Photos 1-4 all four sides of chunk with yellow rod Photo 5 all four sides basically the same

Step 2: The Rubber Band Attachment

The rubber band should at least be as small as the one shown

Step 3: The Quiver

This type actually goes on your arm

Step 4: Assembly

Putting it all together

Step 5: Arrows

Arrows make as many as you want

Step 6: Loading the Arrows and Attaching the Quiver

Attaching arrows to the bow and the quiver to your arm



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