Knex Bren Mark 2!



About: I enjoy building stuff with Knex and real-life materials, I am also a novice 3D modeller, programmer/coding enthusiast who loves Halloween!

this is the updated version of my knex bren and hope it is more life like i will be making an instructable for it soon as a few people have asked me to.

new features:
- internal magazine pusher - not removeable mag anymore ='(.  when i post an instructable please tell me if you have made the mag removeable and i will add it to the instructable.
- longer barrel
- better handle
- 100% a better gun =D

- sadly i havent got it to shoot that well but i only have one elastic band on it at the moment.



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    4 years ago

    Do not add the blue rod on the mag and replace the white rod with a cut white rod same as if there are rods under those ones

    i know, if i make the instructions please could you fix it then send me it and i will put it in the instructions (i'll give you some credit as well).

    finnished the instructions dont know how good they are but should work only problem is it is quite a big file so may take a while to upload. =(

    i have finnished the instructions now here is the url anddecide to make it and fix the handle =D

    i am i am uploading the photos but it may take a while.
    i will give you the url when it is done