K'nex British Concorde




This is my second attempt to build the first k'nex British Concorde, the first Concorde wasn't that good, it had a 3D body with a 2D nose and rear, so I decided to rebuild it. but this time ideas started popping into my head, I thought about making it capable of rotating just like a real Concorde does.....and this time, the rear end of the fuselage is 3D. I also added details to the engines and under carriage of the super sonic jet. And now, even the wings have their own special feature.....I added flaps to the middle of each wing and made them capable of rotating up and down. The landing gear was bit of a problem though....i didn't have the right size wheels I needed. not bad though! XD ( click here to see ''k'nex aircraft carrier'')



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    That concorde Is great I loved Concorde It was a great plane and it was a join effort between france and us was the any different concorde as you called it the British Concorde

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    correction: France and Britain were the two countries behind the design of the Concorde, even though the US tried making they're own supersonic jet, they refused to allow Concorde to land in airports around the United states at first, but then allowed it, eventually

    glad you like it ^_^ , the reason i called it the British Concorde was to not be mistaken with the Russian TU144 ''Concordski'' which had many different features than the original Concorde, with two extra small wings of the front of the fuselage and wider engine housings