Knex Browning M1919 Chain-fed MG




Introduction: Knex Browning M1919 Chain-fed MG

this is the first k'nex Browning on this site. It is a fully automatic (full auto) machine gun. if you want an instructable of it just say so. :)



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    i made a similar gun but i used a motor to feed about 30 shots in and they do shoot becuse the mortor also releses 1 ruuber band at a time up 2 40 because it jams sometimes so its beast because it empties in about 8 seconds and its light weight like all my knex guns

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    Plllllllllll.lllllllllllllllleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post an instruct able

     it is posted. check my profile.

    btw you're name scares me i have a friend on my ps3 called dandan24

    you should and when you do add me

    my screen name is ZEUS

    why do people show off their awsome guns and never post them. 5/5 IF you post it!

    that thing is sexy

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