Knex Bullpup: Victorious

Introduction: Knex Bullpup: Victorious

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Hey guys this is my bullpup Victorious, this gun is a very cool gun in my opinion as it gets ranges about 50-60ft, it is also very accurate and very powerful. This gun is based of my MCR 45, so essentially this is a bullpup version of my MCR 45. i also got the mag idea from Blue Mullets M4A1. Check out the Pros and Cons of this gun.


Good looks

Good range 50-60ft

Mock silencer

Nice sights

sliding trigger

Comfy rear grip

Comfy fore grip

Super comfy handle

Sturdy stock

Comfy stock

Easy pin pull


Very piece consuming

Requires a few cut rods to function

Takes a while to build


1 Black rod

1 Red rod

12 Yellow rods

30 Blue rods

124 White rods

161 Green rods

26 White connectors

8 Blue connectors

121 Yellow connectors

15 Green connectors

54 Red connectors

12 Grey connectors

44 Purple/ grey connectors

69 Orange conectors

16 Y-clips

12 Tan clips

9 Blue clips

6 Blue hinge half

6 Black hinge half

2 Thick tyers (see second last picture on the intro for more details)

2 Thin tyers (sees second last picture on the intro for more details)

1 Male ball joint

35 Black caps

41 Blue spacers

1 Grey spacer

8 1.8cm cut rod (see third last picture on the intro for more details)

without further adieu


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Step 1: Right Panel

In this step you will build the right panel, if you have questions just ask me.

Step 2: Internals and Left Panel

In this step you will be making the internals, including the handle and rear grip, also read the notes on the pictures because they are very important.

Step 3: Stock

in this step you will be making the stock.

Step 4: Magazine

Step 5: Panels and Extras

in this step you will add the panels and rubber band to the firing pin and trigger


If you have any questions please ask me in the comments or private message me.

P.S: If you play 8 ball pool on Apple or Android and you want play with me, my name is fury flames465 and my unique ID is 261-598-769-7

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