Knex Butterfly Knife

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Ok well, you've all seen butterfly knives out there that have rods for the knife. Well I've made one that has a knex blade that actually looks like a blade :D some of the blade hangs out but you can use that as a thing to make the blade come out. Enjoy! Sorry my webcam sucks :( Subscribe :D

-Easy to make
- Has a blade that actually looks like one
- Lots of fun 

-The Latch (locking mechanism) sucks
-There's a little thing hanging out (can be used to open it more easily)

2 green connectors
2 yellow connectors
1 black/white snowflake connector
1 light grey connector (2 slots)
8 grey connectors (1 slot)
2 orange connectors

4 red rods
7 green rods
7 white rods

Step 1: The Handle(s)

Nice and easy!

Step 2: Blade

Not too hard :D

Step 3: Attaching It Altogether

Pretty easy o.o

Sidenote - Make sure the (if this were a real knife) cutting edge isnt near the latch (the orange connectors)



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    its bad the cammras fuzzy im not tryin g to be meen but retry this with nonfuzzy pics

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