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Introduction: Knex CD Holder/rack

About: I am a sixteen year old from luverne MN, and I love to spend my spare time playing with knex, Legos and my xbox. I also enjoy hunting, airsoft, and swimming.

Well it's been a while since my last ible, and I wanted to build something practical this time. And so, I give you my version of a knex CD rack. As you can tell, it is very simple, and can hold most types of cd cases( I happen to use it for my xbox360 games, and works very well as the CDs are a tight fit, so if it is tipped over, they will usually stay in their respective slots). In the second picture, I have it propped upside down and only two CDs fell.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Yellow connectors: 8
Orange connectors: 2
White snowflake connectors: 2
Orange/red/green rods: 4
Short green rods: 5
Yellow rods: 8

Yellow connectors: 4
Orange connectors: 1
White snowflake connectors: 1
Orange/red/green rods: 2
Short green rods:5
Yellow rods: 4

Step 2: Construction of First Slot

This step should help you construct the first slot. Also, make sure the orange/red/green rods (I used orange) are all aligned the same, bottom inward gap of yellow connectors.

Step 3: Additional Slots Construction

Well this is the last step. Don't forget to keep the orange rods in the right gaps. Also, this is infinity expandable (without gravity making it collapse under its own weight), so fell free to keep building it as big as big you need it! Hope you enjoyed this ible! ☺



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    It is an easy design to memorize and you can be sure the CDs will not fall out if it gets tipped over. After a few small customizations, it can be made to hold other things such as VHS tapes for example.

    why didn't I think of that

    I believe you can just tap my profile picture and it will bring you to my homepage. Then there should be an option to follow me. And thanks for the feedback! ☺

    Thanks! That is much appreciated! Hopefully tonight I can get my newest, and I think, most impressive build in.

    I was working on one of these myself didn't get far though :( Your one looks better anyway, well done!

    2 replies

    Thanks. But I really don't need much credit for this. It took about 30 mins. To build, and needed no prior planning.

    this is really helpful and more tidy. thanks.