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Hello instructables, and I have yet another Knex pistol but the complete opposite. A compact slide action pistol. I have seen one other person do this and his did not work so I'm saying this is the very first working compact slide action pistol with a mag in the handle like a real pistol. It's not the best looking, the farthest shooting, or the most reliable, but it's something different and new. I've seen many people say
It's impossible but guess's not.

Working slide action
Removable 5 round mag
Looks ok
For the most part reliable

20 foot range
When more than 5 rounds are put in the mag,
The slide pops off
The slide is held on by rubber bands

It's pretty easy to build based on the pics. I'll post a vid soon just so you can see how it works.




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    3 years ago

    what prices did you use? I'm tryna build it and it is difficult off the pictures...

    This was completely my design, I got the inspiration from E Purblis Un Umm. He made a compact slide action pistol but it completely failed. I started from scratch and somehow it worked fine.

    Knextremely stupid

    4 years ago

    Btw check out my new pistol I think u could make something awesome out of it

    didexoLucas The Boss

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I've seen ones similar to this. The Dunkis made one, and I've seen some other similar ones.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that's pretty cute, man! I like its slightly chubby looks. I may or may not build it, I have not had good experiences with SA pistols with the slight held on by rbs, makes it look a tad messy and often don't work too well. :(

    Still, I like how compact it is, good job! It must have been difficult cramming both a removable mag and a slide into such a small package.

    Never seen one of those dark grey two slot connectors, I have only seen speckled grey and light grey ones.

    I would love to see a video! Perhaps you could include your SMG thing in it too.

    2 replies

    Thanks man, I've made a few slide actions my self and was disappointed with most I built. I was very happy with this one despite the Problems. It's still a very fun gun to mess with. I got the dark grey 2 slot connectors off eBay and have about 100 of them. I posted a vid, go check it out -
    The vids not very good quality but oh well. I might make a vid of my smg pistol thing to.

    I have seen the video. Yeah, I built Red's FN FiveSeven V1 3 different times, didn't ever work for me. Might build this though.

    Perhaps I will began to build you SMG tomorrow. What I need to get one of these days are a bunch of grey one slot clips, as they make great ammo, but I lose them all the time.

    Well it was kind of supposed to be short but since the trigger is so low, it would not hurt to extend the handle.