Knex CSR50 (Crockett's Sniper Rifle 50 Cal.)

About: Hi! I enjoy making knex weapons, especially ones that cause DOOM!

Intro: Knex CSR50 (Crockett's Sniper Rifle 50 Cal.)

Hi guys! This is knex weapons of DOOM here, and this is my sniper rifle I made. Well, it's more like an extremely modified version of raiden97's TMR67. I basically added a shell ejection mech, made the stock more realistic and less boxy, and added grips and side panels. The stats are still the same as the unmodified version. So I hope you like it!!!!!!!! Don't forget to like, subscribe, Amd comment. If you want a tutorial, leave a comment down below!!! Here's a joke, why does it take longer to run from second to third than form first to second in baseball? There's a SHORTSTOP in the middle!! :P Haha have a great day!!!! :)



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    If the shell ejecting mech work, than that's cool.
    The handle is too fat though, and I prefer the looks of the original stock, but that's just me.
    For the description, try to use less exclamation marks, and reduce those to only one per sentence