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Well, as a few requested, I have made another cablecar, similar to my other one, except this one runs on string. The only other major differences are that it is smaller and is geared to run faster.

Video for the original and v2 will be coming up soon.


Step 1: Piece List

Okay. Here's the part list.


Yellow - 4
Blue - 4
White - 12
Green - 22

Light grey (2 slotted) - 4
Red - 8
Yellow - 8
Purple 3d - 8

Random bits and pieces:
Tiny blue gears - 2
Red Gears - 2
Small grey wheels - 3 (without tires)
Tan Clips - 14
Silver spacer - 8
Blue spacer - 14

1 power pack, motor pack, power motor or whatever its called... Preforably one with a short cord, I had to use one with a long cord however.

Scissors or hands of steel to cut the string

And lastly string. Enough to go from where you want your cablecar to go between.

Alright, lets get this party started!

Step 2: Axles

There are 3 axles on the cablecar. The front and back ones are the same. Go!

1: Build it. The tan clips/spacers are the same on the other side
2: Another view
3: Build another identical one
4: Make this axle
5: Another view. There is a #32 elastic doubled up around that wheel as you can see. This may or may not be necessary for grip depending on whether your cablecar will be going uphill at any point. I suggest adding it regardless.

Step 3: Side Panels

Super easy step. Rock it.

1: Yeah... Those are the side panels. Remember the blue rods.

Step 4: Motor Assembley

Build the one piece in all the photos. Sorry I didn't take it apart, but you'll be fine. You can wrap up any extra cord as I did, though it may be easier to do once it is all assembled.

Step 5: Putting It Together

Really easy. Snap snap!

1: Put the two side panels togther like so
2: Add that motor assembley to the bottom like so
3: Just showing you how I dealt with that extra motor cord
4: Add the axle with the gears on it as shown
5: Pop the other two in the two ends


Step 6: Set It Up!

Yes, it is time to set it up. Grab your string and some scissors. Basically, tie a piece of string between two objects. I suggest tying one end in a bowline and then slipping that over a nail or something similar so you can just pop it off and on when you want to put the cablecar on it (photo one). The string goes under the wheels at the front and back, under the blue rods and over the middle wheel (photo two). You'll want to make the string as tight as possible without it breaking so as to make it not sag.

Good luck!

Step 7: Done!

You're done!

Thanks so much for viewing my instructable! As an extra little bonus (with emphasis on the little...) here's a photo of a super small cablecar I made, it was dreadfully jerky and unstable, so I didn't add it to the instructions, but I'm sure you could make if from the single photo. Anyways...

Thanks again!




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    Even though this one is geared down, the fact that it is so much lighter makes it better, even going up an incline.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i say very nice i built one of these myself and i think there just amazing i would like to point out that there are flows for this kind of creation im just saying if you where to make the gears smaller the rpm would increase loadss xD but all together i think it quite cool :)


    8 years ago on Step 6

    That photo is actually very good (second photo) The camer is focused onto the nail, not the clouds. By the way, very nice work! only thing i would say is instead of having the gears set to make it have a faster rpm, make it so that it has more torque. That will be much better for the cable car, especially for uphill...

    2 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 6

    Good calls. I found for the most part it had enough torque and was slow enough as it was, if I geared it down it might get pretty preposterously slow.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Heh. Here in (near) Norfolk, Va, we only got 1 inch of snow for 2 days. But, we get plenty of floods! :-D

    hahaha!!! if u r wondering y i am laughing, it is because all of you are whining about all the sno u got when it cant even compare to what my town got! 4 ft of sno everywhere, 6 ft in some places, and i saw many drifts about 10-12 feet tall!!! shoveling sucked tho

    we only had 6 sno dayz. the worst part is that i walked from my school to the gas station every day and i got so wet and cold!!!