Knex Camera Gimbal/stand

This is the mount i made for my phone so it can take good stills and videos without camera shake.

It consists of the phone holder with tilt mechanism, hand held gimbal or base.

The phone holder is designed for a galaxy S6 so may not fit your phone.

I wont be releasing proper instructions for this just close up pics of the different parts

Step 1: Phone Mount

1/2 - The whole part

3 - The phone in the holder

4 - How the phone is held

5 - how the arms are mounted to the crossbar

6/7 - How the phone holders attached to the arms

8 - Close up of the tilt mechanism

Step 2: Gimbal

1/2/3 - The whole part

4 - The outer stabalizer

5 - The inner stabalizer

6 - The handle

Step 3: Base

Essentially a bird cage



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    2 years ago

    Looks really good! It looks very different to other designs. :)