K'nex Camera Tripod

Introduction: K'nex Camera Tripod

I made this K'nex tripod for my camera. I have a Sony alpha 5100 and it can rest on the platform.

Use the tripod at own risk, I don't know how old your K'nex is. I'm not responsible for broken camera's.

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Step 1: The Pieces

You'll need:
- 4 green rods

- 10 white rods

- 24 yellow rods

- 12 red rods

- 15 white pieces

- 2 green pieces

- 1 red piece

- 6 ball joints (if you don't have these, you also could use 6 green pieces instead

Step 2: Making the Legs

Step 3: Making the Platform

Step 4: Connecting It All

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    Fun way to make a tripod. This would be perfect for light weight cameras like computer webcams.