Knex Candy Machine Module

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Hello! It's been a VERY long time since I posted on Knex for various reasons, and I just got an idea for a little dispenser module. I haven't seen many Knex candy machines, and I don't think I've seen any with instructions, so I'm gonna add to that small collection. It's compact with not to many pieces, and the mechanism is simple. It doesn't have a coin thing, but I'll try to add one. Also, some of the pics are blurry (neeeed a new camera), so sorry about that. The pictures will also explain most of the build. The video down below is the dispenser with Jelly Bellys.

Step 1: Structure

This step shows you how to build the part that houses the slide mechanism. If you run out of white 8-way connectors, use the 7-way blue connectors. Lots of random green/black rods to keep the mechanism smooth.

Step 2: Candy Chute!

This tube-like thing holds all the candy or whatever you put inside the dispenser.

Step 3: The Mechanism + Ramp

This is the part that dispenses the candy and the ramp directs the falling candy to the receiving box.

Step 4: Receiving Box Thing

The box that holds the candy when it falls down.

Step 5: Other Bits

Build or get what's in the pics.

Step 6: Assembly

Connect all the parts in order as seen in the images. Also, get two thin rubber bands.

Step 7: Done!

Feel free to add on/use the dispenser in other machines. Thanks for viewing!



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